Campaign Against Unnecessary Firecrackers Injuries – 2011 Updates

Campaign Against Unnecessary Firecrackers Injuries – 2011 Updates

by Reynaldo O Joson on Sunday, November 13, 2011 at 6:28pm

Campaign Against Unnecessary Firecrackers Injuries – 2011 Updates

I am glad to hear that Zamboanga City is now the second city after Davao City banning firecrackers in a campaign to reduce unwanted injuries.

I am also glad to hear that Metro Manila mayors have agreed to set up fireworks display zones.

Pls. help in the campaign against unnecessary firecracker injuries in the Philippines!

Dr. Rey

November 13, 2011

For details on ROJOSON’S Advocacy Against Unnecessary Firecrackers Injuries , visit:


Firecrackers banned in Zamboanga City


Report from RJ Rosalado, ABS-CBN News Zamboanga

Posted November 10, 2011

MANILA, Philippines – Firecrackers are now banned in Zamboanga City after the city’s local government released an executive order banning their sale.

Under Executive Order 425-2011, even licensed businesses will not be allowed to sell firecrackers in the city.

Zamboanga assistant city administrator Elmeir Apolinario said the order will help curb firework-related accidents during the holiday season.

The ban was also based on the recommendation of Task Force Pacific, a group tasked to investigate an accident in a firework factory in Zamboanga last January.

Apolinario said only pyrotechnics will be allowed for sale in Zamboanga City. These include sparklers, fountains, roman candles and baby rockets, among others.

City officials will confiscate fireworks found being sold in stores.

Vendors in Zamboanga, meanwhile, support the order, saying they are considering selling their goods in other provinces.


Metro Manila mayors agree to set up fireworks display zones


Posted: November 6, 2011

MANILA, Philippines — Metro Manila mayors have agreed to set up fireworks display zones in their localities to lessen firecracker-related emergencies during the New Year revelry.

The consensus was made during the recent meeting of the Metro Manila Council, MMDA’s policy-making body composed of 17 mayors in the metropolis.

As some cities in Metro Manila have set up their own fireworks display zones, such as Marikina and Caloocan, Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista moved for the adoption of a resolution so every local government units in the metropolis can designate areas where residents can light up firecrackers and pyrotechnics.

MMDA chairman Francis Tolentino noted that “freedom parks” and open spaces are common areas, designated as “fireworks display zones.”

Dr. Rachel Rowena Garcia of the Department of Health-National Capital Region made the call among the Metro Manila mayors, citing that there has been an increase in the number of firecracker-related cases in recent years due to unsafe practices.

“Setting up a common fireworks display zone in every barangay in Metro Manila will provide safer environment for celebrating the Christmas season, New Year, and other celebrations wherein proper guidance on the use of firecrackers can be provided,” said Garcia.

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