Through the Internet, I never left MDH for Hanoi

Through the Internet, I never left MDH for Hanoi

by Reynaldo O Joson on Thursday, September 8, 2011 at 9:39pm

September 5, 2011, during the cocktails at the Metrobank Plaza in Makati, on the occasion of the Metrobank’s 49th Anniversary celebration, Dr. Mario Juco, MDH Medical Director, told me something related to my Hanoi trip last August, 2011.  He said, “I was amazed on how you found time to work for MDH while you were in Hanoi conducting a training course on health emergency exercises?”  I said the following: “Through the Internet,  I really never left MDH for Hanoi, I was NOT absent from MDH.”

While on the plane, I used my laptop to formulate a concept paper on Archives Management System in a Hospital Setting which I was able to present to the MDH team on Archives Management group last September 5, 2011.  While in Hanoi, at the conference room, I identified myself as part of Manila Doctors Hospital  (placing more emphasis on MDH than on my other affiliate institutions) and I told the participants that I brought along my experience from MDH disaster preparedness program in my facilitation.  In the fourth unit of my module on August 24, I presented pictorial examples of MDH emergency exercises in my powerpoint (see picture below).  I was selling and exposing MDH to the Vietnamese emergency managers.  When not facilitating (see picture below), I worked for MDH through the Internet – I gave tips to MDH staff on disaster preparedness and emergency exercises – to the MDH Senior Management Team, Safety Promotion and Disaster Preparedness Committee, and Operation Room Complex Safety Promotion and Disaster Preparedness Team.  I also formulated a concept paper on Sharps Safety and Waste Management to MDH staff and University of the Philippines College of Public Health students who will do research in MDH.  At night, usually up to 11 or 12 midnight, at the hotel, with a desktop in my room (see picture below), I would continue to do what I mentioned above and some other tasks for MDH. Evidences for all the above can be seen in my Facebook, my MDH egroups, and my WordPress.

Through the INTERNET, I say I was never absent from MDH.

When taking a break from facilitating, I worked online for MDH!

Desktop computer in my room in Hanoi Calypso Hotel

A teaching slide with MDH pictures

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