[ROJ-TPOR] Hospital Accreditation – ROJ’s Controlled Website

[ROJ-TPOR] Hospital Accreditation – ROJ’s Controlled Website

by Reynaldo O Joson on Wednesday, June 22, 2011 at 12:29pm

Dear Friends,


For the past one week, I made a series of TPOR on various issues on Hospital Accreditation.


The TPOR was actually an on-shoot of an invitation to give a lecture on this topic to students of  Master in Hospital Administration in the UP College of Public Health come August, 2011.


I feel I have completed the essentials in the concepts, principles, and application on Hospital Accreditation.   I have contained all my notes and TPORs in the following website:




This site will be referred to these students for further reading.  It contains all the standards of the commonly sought accreditation bodies in PH and more.  There will be continual development of this site. It is also envisioned that this site will serve as a reference and learning resource for hospital administrators and managers interested in hospital accreditation in the Philippine setting.


The site will be on “upon request” basis, meaning anybody interested to see the site has  to email or text me (09188040304) first for me to open it for viewing.  The viewing is for free but will be controlled, meaning with restrictions.


Dr Rey

Advocate, Education for Health Development in the Philippines

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