Contents of 1986 ROJOSON’s Book on “Thyroid Surgical Diseases”

Contents of 1986 ROJOSON’s Book on “Thyroid Surgical Diseases”

by Reynaldo O Joson on Sunday, September 4, 2011 at 12:53pm

Contents of 1986 ROJOSON’s Book on “Thyroid Surgical Diseases”


There are four major divisions in this book.  The first division, chapters 1 to 17, contains discussions on basic knowledge that a surgical trainee should know regarding anatomy, physiology, pathology, diagnosis, and management thyroid surgical diseases.  In this division, constant attempts were made by the author to refrain from invoking or provoking discussions on controversial issues.  This is in keeping with the prime objective of the book to avoid or clear up confusion.


The first division offers practical approach to the understanding, diagnosis, management of thyroid surgical diseases based on the author’s personal experience, on the Philippine General Hospital experience, and on an analysis of literature.  It will be a sufficient reading material for the busy medical student or surgical trainee before he starts managing a patient with thyroid disease.  If he has some more time to spare for his own deeper understanding of the disease, then he can proceed to the second, third, and fourth divisions of the book.


The second division, chapter 18 and its subchapter, deals with the major controversial issues in thyroid diseases.  They are presented, clarified and analyzed as to how they can be utilized in the formulation of a rational management plan for a patient with thyroid disease.


The third division, chapter 19, contains the Philippine General Hospital experience on thyroid surgical diseases.  Illustrative cases are presented to reinforce the reader’s understanding of the disease.


The fourth division , chapter 20, contains a number of excerpts and abstracts of papers selected by the author for the reader who wants more readings on the controversies of thyroid diseases.  With this type of presentation, the author hopes that he has cleared up and not added confusion to the subject matter.  If the former be the result, then the objective of the book will have been fulfilled.


See Table of Contents below.


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