Appreciation-message from Ella Balagot – NO doctors know everything – Problem-based Learning in Medicine and Surgery

Appreciation-message from Ella Balagot – NO doctors know everything – Problem-based Learning in Medicine and Surgery

by Reynaldo O Joson on Wednesday, June 29, 2011 at 7:43pm

Thank you for accepting my request sir.


I am the sister of Cynthia Balagot of Manila Doctors Hospital.


I appreciate the lesson you taught me in the few minutes that we met. You said something like,


“I will never know too much. It will be enough only to get through today. Tomorrow is another opportunity to learn. The important thing is to learn.”


Coming from you, sir, that is a mark of profound humility.


Thank you for the lesson. I’m hoping to learn more as I read your blogs.






Thank you, Ella, for the feedback which will keep me going in my personal advocacy – Education for Health Development in the Philippines. You are most welcome to read my blogs which are basically my TPORs (Thoughts, Perceptions, Opinions, and Recommendations) on medical and surgical matters, among other things.


Dr Rey



NO doctors know everything!

I am one of these doctors!

Even at my present age, after 40 years of studying and practicing medicine (I started medical schooling in 1971 at the UP College of Medicine), I cannot claim I know everything already. 


Two reasons for this:

Medicine is an inexact science.

Medicine is a science of uncertainty and an art of probability. Sir William Osler


Just have to keep on learning, even one item or issue at a time, one a day or one every two days, using the problem-based learning approach, i.e., if I want to continue to practice medicine.


Problem-based learning approach is way of learning for physicians.  I am advocate of this learning approach.  I will have more blogs on this.


Meantime, visit my webpages on Problem-based Learning in Medicine.


This site contains the self-instructional program on Problem-based Learning in Medicine that I wrote in 1999.


Other websites:


Dr Rey

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