A Legacy to the Filipino People through Teaching of Hospital Administration in the Philippines

A Legacy to the Filipino People through Teaching of Hospital Administration in the Philippines

by Reynaldo O Joson on Sunday, August 28, 2011 at 9:46am

A Legacy to the Filipino People through Teaching of Hospital Administration in the Philippines


I just recently concluded two sessions (August 16, 2011 – 1 pm to 430 pm and August 19, 2011 – 1 pm to 5 pm) with 7 students taking up Master in Hospital Administration (MHA) in the University of the Philippines College of Public Health.  My topics included the following: systems approach in hospital operations management; organization and management of the departments of surgery, operating and recovery room, and emergency room; strategies on financial sustainability of hospitals; balanced scorecard; hospital accreditation; and education and training using online collaborative and interactive learning.


Below is how I look at my teachings in hospital administration and students of hospital administration which I started doing in 1993 after I obtained my Master in Hospital Administration in 1991 at the UP College of Public Health.


I teach the students of hospital administration to improve their respective current and future hospitals. 


With improvement of administration of their hospitals, the ultimate beneficiaries are the Filipino patients in terms of recipients of better health care at least and better health management and development outcomes at most.


I sum these up in this title:


A Legacy to the Filipino People through Teaching of Hospital Administration in the Philippines


 Below are the feedback from 7 MHA students which are gratifying to hear as they support my objectives in teaching hospital administration in the Philippines.



Dear Dr. Joson,

Thank you very much for taking the time to share your knowledge and expertise with us.  What we learned is invaluable and will be very useful to us when we start to mange our own hospitals.  I especially appreciated your systems framework approach, it helped break things down for me, made it simpler but still remain thorough in analyzing my objectives.  After the class I feel as if I know where to start, i have some ammunition in my pocket, and my challenges ahead now look a lot less daunting.


Iris Mendiola Tanchuling, MD

Tanchuling General Hospital

Legazpi, Albay




Dear Dr. Joson,

Thank you very much for being generous and accommodating in your imparting of your experiences with us. It was evident that you took much time and effort in preparing for the sessions. These sessions were a proper start to our HA202 course as they very insightful and motivating. I appreciated the fact that you not only gave us the theoreticals of the basics in hospital management, but also shared the experiences of MDH which made the concepts more concrete to us.


Some of the insights i gained from the 2 sessions, which may not necessarily be directly related to the topics, are:

1. From one person, change can be initiated.

2. Think outside the box.

3. Be open to new ways of doing things and if you think they will benefit you/your organization, then by all means apply it.

4. A hospital is a business but to get the best results focus on people.

5. Always start with what you want to achieve and let your actions be towards attaining your goals.

These are principles which will stay with me and my classmates for a long time. Thank you again sir for your generosity!


Paulyn Gaddi, MD




Dear Dr. Joson,

I would like to personally thank for your generously sharing with us your knowledge and wisdom during our two sessions with you.  The effort you exerted for our class is truly tremendous, considering that you have been preparing for us months before.  The sessions have been truly very comprehensive, and even went way beyond our expected coverage, for which we are very lucky to have learned so many practical things from you that we can adopt to our institutions.


Your honesty and openness with our class was also remarkable.  We have learned many things from you, including facts which are not very pleasant and are not easily visible from an outsider’s point of view, and that not anybody would be willing to share.


We also felt your remarkable hospitality towards our class, not only by way of offering snacks, which has been unfortunate for me because I was fasting (Ramadan), but also the access you granted us in your Operating Room and Quality Management Office and most specially, the warm welcome and accommodation by your dedicated staff.  Actually, at present, we are in the stage of re-designing the operating room and delivery room of our hospital in order to comply with the DOH licensure requirement (which we need to finalize this week), and the trip to your OR will prove to be very useful for us.


Once again, I wish to extend my genuine gratitude to you sir, for your all the things you did for our class.  I wish you more success in life.


Bong Linzag





Dear Dr. Joson,

Last week’s sessions with you were very informative and inspiring. It is indeed an honor to have known you and be a direct recipient of your expertise and intelligent opinions.  I appreciated much the Baldridge Critiera and the Framework on Systems Approach. I am hoping to apply it effectively as how you’ve taught us in a project that I’m working on for the Pharmacy Department at St. Cabrini Hospital, Batangas. If it’s also possible to consult with you, Doc, it will really be a big help.


Again, my heartfelt gratitude. The class is truly blessed to have you as a mentor and professor, even for just a short time. God bless you with more and may you continue to inspire more aspiring leaders like me.



Many thanks, too, Doc, for the snacks! 🙂


Maica (Carmela D. Barcelona, RPh)

UP College of Pharmacy



Dear Dr. Joson,

I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude for sharing your expertise. I appreciate the time you spent with us. I really learned a lot from you. Hoping to work with you in the future, sir!

Attached is our photo during the OR tour. Thank you very much Dr. Joson! 🙂


All the best,


Paolo Ramos





Dear Dr. Joson,

I just want to personally send you this thank you note for the valuable and informative lectures you shared with us last Tuesday. I thank God for your person and for generously sharing with us your expertise.  What I learned was indeed knowledge worth keeping and worth sharing when I go back to serve our hospital.


Divine Word Hospital has an on-going construction of a 5-storey annex building. It’s now on the last phase, hopefully it will be operational by October, 2011. On the 2nd flr of this new building will be the OR-RR complex – with 6 Operating Rooms. So I was equally interested to see the OR-RR complex of your hospital then.  I was impressed by the set-up and not to discount the time spent by the OR Manager while giving us a tour of the place. She was so accommodating in answering all our inquiries. In the 1st floor of this annex building is our new ER, so I’m likewise eager to see MDH- ER and observe the flow.


Sir, thank you again for your hospitality and for the nice snacks served to us.

More power to you. I’m looking forward for another set of lectures tomorrow and a tour in other areas of your health institution.



Once again thank you so much for the set of lectures during our 2nd session with you. It’s overwhelming,yet I believe it will be helpful for all of us in our respective institutions. BSC and OCIL are new things to me. Thank you for sharing these with us. Hopefully one day I can adapt that also at DWH, can i ask  permission as early as now? Thank you also for allowing us to visit the Quality MAnagement office. There, I got also inputs from Dr. Hogar.


Sister Eliza Arpon, OSB




Hi Sir

Good evening. This is Dra Grace Padilla from the class HA202 of Dr Sison. I would like to express my appreciation on the precious time you spent with us during the 1st and 2nd session (also to include the snacks MDH prepared for us) Hospital tour was great. At first I was apprehensive  on meeting a top manager from a dignified hospital. I really do not know if I am capable of understanding  things about hospital management. I’ve tried to read on the comprehensive handouts you have been prepared for us prior to our meeting but honestly i have a hard time understanding. But during our sessions wherein you emphasize things and point  out  most salient feature of the module, i realize that it is somewhat simple and applicable to my workplace.

What I appreciate from our first session is your tips on how to manage our superiors. You need to be friendly to them and when you want things to be done, you quote  the standards to make them follow. As  a medical officer III in Sta Ana, it is the lowest position for a doctor, no body would like to listen to you. Aspiring to join the administrative group in government is a big dream and aspiring to improve government health system is a true challenge.  My superiors are aware that I am taking up MHA and they are very supportive to my masteral studies. I really don’t know what opportunity will be there  after my masteral studies.  My aim is really to help this new hospital in establishing its health system and that is a big responsibility that scared me.

On our 2nd session, session on viability and sustainability. I find it hard to correlate with Sta Ana bacause it a government hospital and not income generating hospital.  The session is applicable to my other job as a General Manager of a Diagnostic clinic in front of PGH. The Clinic now is in its 8th year. We do have return of investment, and somewhat the clinic status i may say that it is between  viable and sustainable. I can use my balance score card both in Sta Ana  and Medhaus for better planning, monitoring and management. Your tips are valuable to me.  And i thank you for sharing these with all of us.

Lastly, I also would like to thank you for accepting  Dr Sison invitation  to be a part of our HA 202 class. YOU really are a Master of Hospital Administration, our mentor.  Salamat sir.

Dr. Grace Padilla


Taken during tour of MDH Operating Room Complex – August 16, 2011

With UP-CPH MHA Students in MDH Executive Offices – Aug 19, 2011

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