1986 Preface of ROJOSON’s Thyroid Surgical Diseases (Part)

1986 Preface of ROJOSON’s Thyroid Surgical Diseases (Part)

by Reynaldo O Joson on Sunday, September 4, 2011 at 12:27pm






This manual was thought of mainly because of the confusion plaguing students of thyroid disease.  The confusion is caused by the ever lingering if not increasing controversies in the management of thyroid diseases. The confusion has reached a point that a physician can treat any patient with a thyroid problem in any manner he feels is good enough and not in a way that he thinks is ideal and should be done.


This manual will attempt to clear this confusion.  Controversial issues will be presented, clarified, and analyzed.  The objective really is not to resolve completely the controversies, for this is impossible, but to see how these issues may be properly utilized in the formulation of a rational approach in the management of an individual with thyroid disease.  The author believes that at present, nobody can be dogmatic about anything with regard to thyroid disease. The most realistic objective is to have a rational management scheme for each individual patient based on the patient’s unique set of problems as well as based on the present state of knowledge.


The second reason why this manual was thought of was that the endemic proportion of Filipino patients which thyroid disease dictates that they be protected from unnecessary, faulty, and irrational surgical treatment.  If there is such a thing as unnecessary appendectomy, there is also such a thing as unnecessary thyroidectomy.  Thus, included in this manual is a chapter on the pitfalls in the management of a thyroid problem.


This book is primarily intended for the surgical trainees and the practicing general surgeons.  For this reason, it is entitled “Thyroid Surgical Diseases.”  Although it contains predominantly discussions on the surgical aspects of thyroid diseases, it also contains discussions on non-surgical aspect, like medical suppressive therapy and radioactive iodine therapy.  Thus, considering its contents, this book may very well serve as a reference volume for the surgeons in their care for patients with thyroid problem.  Needless to say, the medical students can also find this book useful in their understanding of thyroid surgical diseases.


ROJ NOTE: For the entire preface, visit: https://sites.google.com/site/thyroidsurgicaldiseasesroj1986/preface

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