A Corporate Citizenry in a Batangas Fruit Vendor Contributing to the Advocacy of Preventing the Hazard of Santol Seed Swallowing

August 29, 2011, I stopped by a fruit stall in Batangas City on my way to Anilao to buy “buko” (coconut).  While buying, I saw a display of big santols (see picture below).  I asked the lady fruit vendor whether she knew the danger of swallowing santol seeds.  I was happy to get an affirmative answer from her.   She narrated that lately she learned of a person in Batangas City who was operated on for perforation of the intestines caused by swallowed santol seeds.  That was how she became aware of the danger of swallowing santol seeds.  She said that from thereon, to those who would buy santols from her, she would advise them NOT to swallow the seeds.  I saluted and thanked her for what she was doing in terms of forewarning her buyers on the dangers of santol seeds.  What she is doing is indeed an act of corporate citizenry (aka social or societal responsibility).


With this anecdotal event, I say I had a happy moment that day when I saw and appreciated a provincial fruit vendor exercising corporate citizenry and contributing to my advocacy to avoid the hazard of santol seed swallowing.


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