ROJ Advisory – Beware of Santol Seed Swallowing

Beware of Santol Seed Swallowing

A 2011 Advisory from Dr Rey Joson and ROJOSON Medical Clinic

It is santol season once again.

Do NOT swallow the santol seeds.

Swallowed santol seeds can cause premature death by obstructing and perforating the intestines.

If santol seeds are accidentally swallowed, watch out for abdominal pain.  If abdominal pain occurs, consult an abdominal surgeon (general surgeon) right away who will give the necessary advice on what to do next.

Swallowing santol seeds is a totally preventable cause of a health problem and death.

Advice: do NOT swallow santol seeds!

For details, write: or or visit

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Santol Fruits and Seeds

Santol Seed – the Perforator of Intestine

Colostomy – a common consequence of santol seed swallowing

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